Real-time analysis of Ebola virus evolution
Input mutations as position+nucleotide, i.e. 8926C to plot its frequency through time.
Feature explanation

Use the date slider to adjust sampling window.

Use the drop down menu to color viruses geographic region, sampling date, or local branching index.

Click on variable sites to specify positions to color viruses by genotype.

Mouse over a tip to show virus name, location and features.

click on a branch to zoom into its descendent clade.

The local branching index is the exponentially weighted tree length surrounding a node, which is associated with rapid branching and expansion of clades. A more detailed explanation is available here. Retrospective analysis has shown that LBI correlates with clade growth.


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for generously sharing EBOV sequence data. We also thank Andrew Rambaut for leadership and coordination of data sharing and analysis efforts.

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